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About Us

Our History

The Sherburne Wright cable commission is a non-governmental agency that provides public content on local cable access channels.  Formed in 1998, we have connected local government and communities for 25 years!


What We Do

Government Relations

We provide online streaming, local cable channel access, and on-demand streaming of the public local government meetings of our member cities.

Concerts & Parades

Member cities celebrate their unique communities with festive parades and concerts.  SWTV captures these events for all of the community to enjoy.

Movies In The Park

SWTV provides picture perfect summer experiences with Movies In The Park.

Connect With Us

i n f o @ s w t v . t v
Mailing Office
c/o Buffalo City Hall
212 Central Street
Buffalo MN 55313

Send us a Postcard!

Send United States Postal Mail to us care of Buffalo City Hall

Send us your Ideas!

Got an idea that we should hear?

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SWTV is the Sherburne Wright Cable Commission.  A consortium of 10 member cities, SWTV provides government access, local event coverage, and free access to movies in the park for the greater community.

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